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Hello and welcome to Stargames Studio. I’m Dragon, and I’ll show you the essentials of making a game in Unreal Engine 5.3 using Star Wars as a fun way to learn. In this new post, You’ll learn how to rig and prep a character for Unreal Engine 5.3 using the ActorCore AccuRig software.

Download Your Character

I have a character you can use. Click here to go to the Download page. This character is perfect for our needs and will serve us well throughout the tutorial series.

Reallusion ActorCore AccuRig Setup

We will use the Free Reallusion ActorCore AccuRig software to rig the character. First, download the ActorCore AccuRig from here. Click the Download Free button and save the installer to your computer. Install the software and open it up.


Drag your unrigged model into the AccuRig software and upload it. Next, you will see the model with a line down the middle. Move the line to center it if it isn’t already centered. Click the Force Symmetry so that we will only have to work on one side of the model. We will mirror the other side. Click the Rig Body button if you have aligned everything properly.


On the next screen, you will see the same character with dots all over it. We will add bone joints represented by these dots to the character at the end of the process. Hovering over the joints will tell you what joints the dot belongs to. Move these dots if they don’t quite match up to the corresponding joint. The idea is to get the dot as close as possible to the joint, such as the wrist joint. When you are satisfied with the setup, click the Rig Hands button.


When you press the Rig Hands button, a Finger Count window pops up. This is for you to tell the software how many fingers are on each hand. In our case, it’s 5. Click Next.

This screen is very important for proper hand gestures in-game. With this model, the software should have no trouble decerning fingers and knuckles, but if you need to move the dots around to match the joints, do so now. The most important joint is the middle knuckle on the thumb.

When you are satisfied with the hand rig, click the Finalize Character button. The rigging and the skin weighting will take just a minute or so, depending on your computer. You should see an animated character on your screen when it’s finished. Click the Hand pose in the top right corner and make sure the hands look good.

Export Your Character!

When you are ready, click the Export button at the bottom right of the screen. An export dialog box will come up. Choose Export FBX. In the Target Application dropdown, select Unreal. Leave the Max Texture Size to Original and hit Export. Save your FBX file in a location you will remember on your computer.

Congratulations! You have a rigged character ready to animate in Unreal Engine 5.3!

In the next tutorial, we will import the character into Unreal Engine 5.3 using Reallusions AutoSetup. So, polish your lightsaber and get ready because we will be swinging it before long!


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  1. I thought you did a great job on this. Although your language is excellent and the picture is enticing, you come across as nervous about what you might be giving next. If you save this walk, I hope you will come back here often.

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